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Patrick Herzig (CH)

Patrick Herzig was born and raised in the golden age of full employment and Rock’n Roll. A painter and sculptor, he first exhibited in the early 70’s and kept on painting until now, although travelling, cinema and the study of law chipped away large chunks of « brushtime ».

Alexandre Félix (FR)

Alexandre lives between Paris and Berlin. The past years he developped a career in fashion photography, and quickly he felt the need to express himself through other mediums. In July 2016 he came to Berlin where he experimented painting and sculpture. In 2021, Alexandre Felix moved to Australia where he lives and works.

Walter Schmid (CH)

Walter Schmid, Swiss artist born in 1936. Very early on he was fascinated by drawing and painting. Since 2000, he has produced more than 1700 works, all in black and white on very large tarpaulins.

L’ATELIER presents a collection inspired by Homer's Iliad. A statement about the permanence of violence in human history.

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Remy Verbeken-Arena (NL)

Remy is autistic. He draws his inspiration from hismemories, a place he loves, a place that brings him back to a moment that hecarries in his heart. It is about Holiday memories, landscapes, a moment ofhappiness. Remy likes theworks of Van Gogh, because these are probably the paintings that are closest to how Remy sees the world around him.

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Sylvie Wozniak (CH)

SylvieWozniak is an artist based in Geneva, Switzerland who started as an academic art student and evolved into a comtemporary artist whose work brings togetherthe excellence of the classical training and the ever fresh and inventive energy of the search for new artisticinterpretations. Sylvie Wozniak explores the deepest and fundamental relationship between emotion and creation.

In the work presented here, the artist abandons  for the first time the representation of the visage and ventures into the realm of abstraction.

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Antoine Stähli Cardaci (CH)

Antoine Stähli Cardaci turns art magazines into a material and encourages us to question this medium, literally and figuratively. With MAGHAZART Antoine Stähli Cardaci presents this work of transformation of art magazines into a work of art according to a personal process between sculpture and painting, combining the reprocessing and shaping of the material and the pictorial structuring of the surfaces.

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Alessandro Cemolin (I)

Alessandro Cemolin is an Italian artist, painter and sculptor, creator ofan expressive language in continuous evolution and based on stronginternational experience. Alessandro now lives and works in Berlin immersedevery second of his life in the world of contemporary art. Flair and precision,order and chaos, in this creative context, dialogue at their best, offeringendless opportunities for the artist to express his feeling through a newalphabet that now belongs to him and characterizes him in his undoubteduniqueness. The international cultural contamination has contributed to forminga creative and human thickness decidedly interesting and constantly growing inquality. (Alberto Moioli)

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